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Samantha Briody

Principal - Leading Sales & Rentals

My name is Samantha Briody and I am the Principal of Smart Property services in Graceville. I was fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the most amazing people within the Real Estate industry in my younger years and now wish to share my knowledge and experience.

My number one priority has always been service. I strive to establish a rapport with both my owners and tenants thus ensuring happy tenants whom take care of the properties to ensure happy owners.

These relationships are backed by my knowledge within the industry, local area, a keen eye on the ever changing market and ensuing that the ever important efforts are completed from the beginning.


The foundations and knowledge that I now build my own company on are strong and well educated. First impressions are important and all I ask, being a new named business is the opportunity to meet with you, provide you the information you require and if you choose to use our services in the future then wonderful.


We welcome all enquiries and I am confident that you can truly benefit from our hard work, local knowledge, passion and dedication.


I look forward to meeting you.  

Senior Property Manager

Starting in the industry as a receptionist I quickly learnt what was truly involved in being a Property Manager. Hard work, honest dedication, skill and really listening to each client.


I have loved every minute of my journey from receptionist to Property manager to now the acting Senior Property Manager for Smart Property. A company I truly believe in. Samantha and I have worked along side of each other for so many years that we have found a natural way to compliment each other where the clients always benefit from. We love what we do and we work hard to ensure delivery is always on point.


I love going to the gym every day with my husband and friends, spending time with the family on weekends, as I have 4 grandchildren that I love and it’s a delight when I see them.


We would love to hear from you.

Terri Doyle




Tel: (07) 3814 1766

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