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What a world we are in!


Right now it has never been more important then to be there for each other but this has become something quite difficult to do as this virus has stripped away hugs, contact, gym, dinners with friends, shows and the biggest one our direct livelihood our jobs.


At this time right now it has never been more important then to look after our mental health. To take even 5 mins a day to stop, turn the TV off, turn your phone off and breathe. Just breath. If we don’t take even a small moment it will snowball in the worst place, our minds.


From today Smart Property will be closed to the public in order to comply and keep the spread down. To ensure safety for everyone involved.


But, this does not mean we can not help you.


Tenants still having to move. We can now not hold open homes but we can use video calls to show you through a property, you can then apply online and we will have the pack and keys waiting at the property in a safe and secure location on your move-in day so you and your family can safely move into your new home.


To anyone looking at moving for jobs etc or even clients that are looking at breaking a lease. As of midnight today the 25th of March we will not be able to take clients through homes as open homes/inspections have been banned. In these hard times, we will be asking all of our amazing tenants to video the home, plus all the photos we will provide and based on these clients will be able to apply for the property.


Upon vacate we will request that you fully vacate, then please spray disinfected spray on top surfaces and to inform us if you have been unwell, then please leave the keys in a safe place, please use and book our cleaners if possible to attend the next day to ensure a proper and sterile clean occurs for the next tenant. This virus has a three-day life span on surfaces so we will be safely moving new tenants in at least four days after current tenants vacate. We will get through this.


Current tenants, Owners, and contractors, We understand the enormous stress everyone is under and now more then ever has it been more important to try and bring calm in this war. The government is working to ensure that money will be provided to those who have lost or will lose their jobs, this money will be to cover essentials like food, electricity, rent, and mortgages. I myself spent all day yesterday calling every loan and credit card my husband and I have and deferred payments for 6 months so I myself can still afford my mortgage and the Smart Properties office rent. My husband is a sole trader and as we are both already being affected, my advice is, get on the phone or go online and defer/stop repayments now.


The banks/all loans were so helpful and enabled me to stop all payments, stop all interest for 6 months. It can be done and I am told this will not affect our future credit. Everyone is in the same boat. So even if you have not yet lost income get on the phone or online and stop them now so you can, like me, keep the roof over your head, keep food in your cupboards and the power to continue to run.


Communication in this crisis will be the most important. We have many new structures in place for maintenance, routine inspections, open homes as mentioned and much more. Our office may be closed but Terri & I will never stop supporting all our tenants, our owners, and any new clients.


Together we will beat this. Remember look after your mental health as well as your health, make those calls now for your loans, be there for each other and know we’ve got you!


Call, email, text us anytime day or night.


With love and support, Samantha & Terri

Smart Property Services 

Real estate decisions can be difficult and complicated, which is why it’s crucial to take an informed approach. 

Our number one priority has always been service. We strive to establish a rapport with both our owners and tenants thus ensuring happy tenants who take care of the properties to ensure happy owners. 

These relationships are backed by our knowledge within the industry, a keen eye on the ever-changing market and ensuring that the ever-important efforts are completed to build the correct foundations from the beginning. 

We offer many services that ensure property growth and security. You can count on us to guide you through each and every step of this process. From beginning to end we will ensure a smooth and informative journey.




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